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Our Colombian steam coal meets worldwide sulfur regulations and is also very low in mono-nitrogen oxides emissions, which is highly desirable to utility plants required to lower these emissions. In addition, our affiliate companies market Colombian steam coal internationally.

The Drummond operation includes the Mina Pribbenow, El Descanso, and El Corozo open-pit coal mines located in the Cesar Coal Basin near La Loma; Puerto Drummond, a deep-water ocean port on the Caribbean Sea near Santa Marta; and coal transportation and handling facilities. Drummond transports the coal from the mines 120 miles by railcar on the renovated portion of the Colombian National Railroad System directly to Puerto Drummond, the deep-water ocean port. This port has the capability to load all sizes of vessels from handy-size up to the largest capesize.

Heavy investment in production infrastructure, has allowed us to grow shipments of Colombian coal from one million tons in 1995 to over 30 million tons annually.

For more information about our operations in Colombia, please visit www.drummondltd.com.