• H.E

    1935: H.E. Drummond began the H.E. Drummond Coal Company in Sipsey, Alabama, as a coal provider for farms and households. He took a loan for $300 from Walker County Bank in Jasper, Alabama, using three mules as collateral on the note.

  • First Mining Drill And Shovel 01

    1956: H.E. Drummond passed away and his coal company was passed to the second generation of Drummond family members. Don Drummond was named President, Segal Drummond was named the VP of Sales and Finance. The company was financed through a $50,000 life insurance payment and a $240,000 small business association loan.

  • GarryNeilDrummondSr Line Drawing

    1961: Garry Drummond graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Civil Engineering. He was the first engineer employed at Drummond. (The company now employs more than 325 engineers.)

  • Agreement With Japan

    1960-1970: Annual production grew from 200,000 annual tons to 1,500,000 annual tons. Drummond purchased Kellerman Mining Co. and established our first sales agreement with Japan.

  • Garry Drummond Headshot

    1973: Garry Drummond was named CEO.

  • 3 Draglines Together 01

    1976: Drummond signed a two-million annual-ton contract for 15 years with Alabama Power for Plant Miller. To fulfill this contract, the company purchased three 115 cubic yard draglines.

  • Pribbenow Mine Sign

    1985: Drummond purchased control of ABC Corporation to add coke production to the portfolio of services.

  • Pribbenow Mine Sign

    1986: Drummond acquired its first Colombian Coal Concession, which eventually became Pribbenow Mine.

  • Caballo Rojo Wyoming 01

    1992: Drummond purchased Caballo Rojo mine in Wyoming from Mobil and relocated a 115 cubic yard dragline from Short Creek Mine. Annual production increased from eight million to 17 million tons.

  • Colombia Port

    1993-1995: Drummond expanded operations into Colombia and began construction of a mine and port. The first international coal production occurred in 1995.

  • El Descanso Aerial

    1997-2009: In 1997, Drummond acquired El Descanso mining concession, which included more than 1.7 billion tons of reserves. Drummond initiated the production phase for El Descanso Block in 2009 after completion of all due diligence and land preparation.

  • Itochu Signing 01

    2011: ITOCHU Corporation became a 20% partner in Drummond’s Colombian operations.

  • Direct Ship Loading System

    2014: On March 31, 2014 Drummond carried out its first shipment of coal using the direct ship loading system. With two shiploaders, Puerto Drummond now has an installed capacity of 60 million tons per year.

  • Garry Neil Drummond

    2016: On July 13, 2016 Garry Neil Drummond passed away. Mr. Drummond was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Drummond Company for over 40 years and was considered an iconic leader and entrepreneur in the coal and mining industry in the United States and South America.

  • Richard Mullen

    2019: On November 1, 2019 Richard Mullen is named the the new Chief Executive Officer of the company. Mr. Mullen was previously the President of Mining.

  • Itochu

    2021: On February 4, 2021 Itochu Coal Americas, Inc. agrees to terms to transfer its 20% member interest in Drummond International, LLC to Drummond Company, Inc. This transaction continues to demonstrate Drummond's long-term commitment to operating in Colombia and providing high-quality low-sulfur coal to our customers throughout the world.