Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Every day, on every project, at every level of Drummond, we consider the impact our actions have on our employees, customers, the communities where we operate, and the environment.


At Drummond we consider our employees first and foremost. We are blessed to have a workforce comprised of loyal, hardworking people, dedicated to excellence, and responsive to customers. It is our goal to provide every employee with the very best in safety, equipment, training, and supervision.


We have served many of our customers for more than 30 years. They have helped us get to where we are and we stand by them. We are unrelenting in our commitment to provide the very best product to each client we serve.


Just as our worldwide customers have benefited from our success in North and South America, so have the local communities where we operate. Drummond’s commitment to community development includes such diverse projects as school construction, establishing health clinics, funding job-training centers, building fire departments, and coordinating United Way fund drives. We are active participants in every community where we work.


As an industry leader in environmental sustainability, Drummond has developed environmental techniques particular to Alabama conditions that other companies have emulated. We have also successfully exported many of these environmental techniques to Colombia. Drummond has earned a total of six national awards and 40 state awards, which highlight our solid record of reforestation, reclamation, and revegetation. Reclamation work is an ongoing process. To date, Drummond has reclaimed more than 60 sites.

Peace Process and Post-Conflict in Colombia

Please see our statement at the following link: Peace Process and Post-Conflict