Our People

Company Culture

Drummond is passionate about coal and committed to being the very best. We are hard working, ambitious, challenge seekers, who are most engaged when projects are complex and challenging. We are willing to take risks in order to reap big rewards. We are progressive thinkers who create flexible solutions that solve complex problems.

We Are A Team

At Drummond, we seek employees who will add to our overall capabilities and fit within our company culture of team players.

We Work Harder

Drummond works hard from the top down. From our executives to our mineworkers, no one will outwork us.

We Are Innovative

Drummond approaches challenges with innovative, fresh viewpoints. We believe the best solutions occur at the intersection of different talents, perspectives, and experiences.

We Operate With Absolute Integrity

Drummond operates with honesty and fairness in all situations. We respect our clients. We do not take advantage of fellow team members. We do not participate in any questionable business practices.

We Are Ambitious

Drummond loves to take on challenging problems that others refuse. Our team engages in unique, complex situations that provide rewarding outcomes. We can do anything related to coal.

We Are Focused

Drummond is passionate about coal. We focus on our core strengths and avoid straying from our niche. Our heart and soul is coal and we do that very well.

We Are Humble

At Drummond, we have had many successes over the last 80+ years, but we strive to remain humble and focused on the work ahead.