Our Commitment

To Communities

Drummond has always been respectful of all of the communities where we operate and we continually strive to be a model corporate citizen. Our employees and their families live, work, and enjoy their leisure time in these communities. New schools, better healthcare, and improved job opportunities all contribute to an enhanced quality of life for Drummond employees, their families, and neighbors. Building stronger communities while preserving a local heritage is a part of our pledge to our employees and our neighbors. Drummond’s commitment to community development includes such diverse projects as school construction, establishing health clinics, funding job training centers, building fire departments, and coordinating United Way fund drives.

In Colombia, Drummond established a community relations department and we continue to make a positive impact on the local economy. We contribute to social programs to improve the lives of our employees and their neighbors by providing assistance to schools, hospitals, and churches in the communities around our existing operations. The granting of college scholarships, paving of roads, training in economically productive activities (to improve families’ incomes), making contributions to strengthening public services, arts and culture, and making investments in health and education, are critical parts of the company’s investment in its corporate management.

Healthcare: In Colombia, Drummond has built, updated, or equipped 27 health centers and hospitals. The population’s welfare is a determining factor in designing and executing these projects and activities that include vaccination campaigns and health brigades in the areas surrounding its operations.

Education: In Colombia, Drummond helped to build, expand, and equip 529 classrooms in pursuit of the communities’ comprehensive development and improving the standard of education for children and youth with limited resources. Additionally, books have been donated, transportation has been provided, and sporting activities have been funded, including uniforms. Feeding the student community is essential, so Drummond helped to build and equip 25 school cafeterias. Breakfast, snacks, and lunches have been secured for elementary and secondary schools.