Our Commitment

To The Future

At Drummond, sustainability has several different meanings and all definitions are equally important.

First and foremost, Drummond is committed to sustaining the environment by finding new, innovative ways to reduce our environmental footprint. EIA figures show that coal consumption will increase both domestically and internationally to meet rising electricity demand during the next several decades, providing the US and other countries with indigenous energy resources. As coal use grows, Drummond is committed to deploying a new generation of advanced technologies to further reduce environmental impact. We are leading the way in sustainability efforts through our environmental management program focused on prevention, mitigation, and compensation for the environmental and social effects created by coal mining and transportation activities.

We take every effort to ensure the rational and efficient use of the natural resources needed to carry out our work. According to the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences, the next decade offers opportunities to gain knowledge and early operating experience that can lead to widespread deployment of new, advanced coal-use technologies. Improved efficiency and environmental performance of coal-generated electricity such as integrated gasification combined cycle, ultra-supercritical pulverized coal and oxy fuel plants will be utilized to improve the environmental performance of coal-based electricity generation. At Drummond, we are committed to this future. Our Colombian steam coal meets worldwide sulfur regulations and is also very low in mono-nitrogen oxides emissions, which is highly desirable to utility plants required to lower these emissions.

For our customers, we are committed to sustaining our reserves and our production quantities to ensure adequate and dependable product supply. The characteristics of Drummond’s Colombian coal compare favorably with those of other internationally marketed steam coals. Our coal is one of the lowest sulfur and ash coals currently exported from Colombia. To capitalize on this fact, we have invested significant resources in production infrastructure, which has allowed us to increase our Colombian exports of one million metric tons in 1995 to over 30 million metric tons today. Additionally, we maintain coal reserves of over 2 billion tons.