Drummond Company, Inc. Announces Senior Leadership Appointments

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA – – – Drummond Company, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Nathaniel Drummond to the positions of Chief Commercial Officer of Drummond Company, Inc. and President of subsidiary Drummond Coal Sales, Inc.  Nathaniel joined the Drummond organization in May, 2013, as Vice President of Drummond Coal Sales, Inc.  Prior to joining Drummond, Nathaniel started his professional career with Vitol in their London office.  He later transferred to their Houston office where he helped start their US coal trading desk where he was responsible for North American coal operations from 2009 to 2013. 

Nathaniel was promoted to Senior Vice President of Drummond Company, Inc. in 2017 where he has been involved with all aspects of the Company’s business units.  Nathaniel has a BS in Civil Engineering from Southern Methodist University. Nathaniel will report to the CEO of Drummond Company, Inc. as he heads the sales and marketing efforts for both Drummond and subsidiary coal sales as well as ABC Coke sales. 

George Wilbanks has over 40 years of dedicated and loyal service in the Drummond organization serving in various management roles.  George has served in the capacity of President of Drummond Coal Sales, Inc. for the past 19 years.  George will remain a part of the organization at least until the end of 2019 by serving as Chairman of the Board of Drummond Coal Sales, Inc. and provide transitional guidance to that organization by applying his many years of experience, marketing knowledge and deal making expertise.