Employee Spotlight

Name: Carlyle Thornton

Title: Marketing and Communications Manager

Department: Liberty Park Joint Venture


How long have you worked for Drummond Company?

-I have worked for LPJV/Drummond Company for approx. 7 months now!

If you are a new employee (1 year or less) what made you come to work for Drummond Company? -Last May I graduated from college with a degree in Marketing and Corporate relations and was on the hunt for my very first full-time job. When I heard about this job opening, I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work in a managerial position for a company that has left such a large footprint in the state of Alabama. Since then, I’ve jumped in full force and have never looked back! Working for Drummond Company is a decision I will never regret.

Is there an area where you feel you can bring new contributions to the company or see an area for growth that you are excited about?

-Being younger than most of my co-workers, I feel as if I bring in a fresh approach and a different perspective to the real estate division. Being that LPJV is a smaller division, I am able to see almost immediate results from my initiatives which is extremely encouraging and rewarding. I am excited to continue contributing to the success of this company through innovative and forward-looking solutions.

What is your job title and can you give a brief job description or list job duties?

-I am the Marketing and Communications Manager. I develop/implement strategic marketing, business development and communications plans/programs. I manage multiple concurrent projects such as maintaining an online presence/social media, identifying/securing promotional opportunities, realtor outreach, photography, videography, graphic design for both print and digital, building/fostering positive relationships with community/industry organizations, preparing marketing budgets/forecasts, performing marketing trend analysis via MLS research and data/traffic monitoring, and overseeing paid advertising. Since working for LPJV I have led the effort in tandem with external developers to rebrand both the company logo and colors as well as designing a brand new website.

What is your favorite part of your job?

-Every day when I come to work I am presented with new challenges that are almost always completely different than those that came before. Because of this, I really get to utilize my creative thinking to its full potential and push myself in a way I would never be able to if I was doing relatively the same thing each day.  

What is the most interesting thing about working for Drummond Company?

-How could it ever be “boring” working for a company with such rich history and as unique of a story as Drummond Company? 

Where were you born and/or where did you grow up?

-I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama.

List your hobbies and interests.

-When I’m not at work, I am putting my heart and soul into my lifestyle blog ( which is a creative outlet I use inspire others and share my love for things such as fashion, beauty, home décor, fitness/nutrition, entertaining, travel and more.

Where did you go to high school, college or graduate school?   

-I went to Homewood High School and then attended The University of Mississippi.

Name one interesting fact about yourself that most of your colleagues would not know.

-Although I wear my hair straight to work almost every day, my natural hair is actually a frizzy/wavy mess that almost takes me around an hour to tame!

What was your very first job?

-Prior to this job I had internships at both Luckie and Company Advertising Agency in Birmingham, AL and Hunt Marketing in Oxford, MS.