Constructive discussions on the coal supply chain: Bettercoal Board of Directors and Drummond Company Inc. meet in Amsterdam

November 21, 2016

As part of an ongoing dialogue between Bettercoal and coal suppliers from around the globe, the Bettercoal Board of Directors took the opportunity to meet with senior representatives of Drummond Company Inc.. The party, led by the CEO of Drummond Company Inc., Mike Tracy, also included José Miguel Linares, President of the company’s Colombian operations.

Nikolaus Valerius, Chair of the Bettercoal Board said: “Having visited Drummond’s operations earlier this year, it was a pleasure to welcome Mike and his team for a constructive discussion with European stakeholders and to hear directly about their approach and progress towards their social and environmental goals. It was made clear to us that the company not only supports the Peace Process in Colombia, but is also working with the Colombian Government and other stakeholders on human rights, improving social conditions in the municipalities where they operate and is also working through some ambitious plans to deliver longer-term benefits to communities. We encouraged Drummond to better communicate their social and environmental programs locally and strengthen the engagement and dialogue with all relevant stakeholders locally and internationally.”

During the discussion, there was also a free exchange of ideas on a variety of topics including occupational health & safety, approaches to regional development, stakeholder engagement and communications. Bettercoal will continue to support Drummond Ltd. in the process of continuous improvement and looks forward to the company reporting on concrete results and achievements at its operations.

Mike Tracy, CEO Drummond Company Inc., said: “Our operations in Colombia have been developed during an extremely difficult period for the whole country. We are clear in our whole-hearted support for the ongoing Peace Process and our willingness to continue to work with the Government, communities and other stakeholders to bring the benefits of lasting peace to the region. We recognise our role and responsibility as a major business in respect of promoting and supporting human rights. We were also able to impress upon the Bettercoal Board our absolute rejection of violence whoever the perpetrator and to underline that is has no place in or around our operations.”

Mike added: “We also took the opportunity to reflect on our engagement with Bettercoal over nearly three years. It has not only been a positive experience, but has also helped us frame and implement our social and environmental programs and drive improved performance. Our employees and their families, contractors, suppliers and communities depend upon Drummond for their livelihoods. We were pleased to hear from the Bettercoal Board their insights and support for our corporate responsibility programs.”

The Drummond party also met in a separate meeting with Bettercoal Associate Members at the Port of Amsterdam. Representatives of the Port of Amsterdam, Port of Rotterdam, Rietlanden Terminals and EMO were also keen to hear first-hand about Drummond’s approach to human rights and corporate social responsibility and engage in a meaningful discussion.

Ab Cherribi, Manager Public Affairs at the Port of Amsterdam, said: “The Port of Amsterdam is committed to making the coal chain responsible and transparent. The meeting of the Associate Members of Bettercoal was constructive and different issues were discussed. The Port of Amsterdam is a Port of Partnerships and that is why we find it important that all parties involved in the coal chain know each other, inform each other on the progress made and if necessary speak frankly about the roles and the responsibilities of each other.”

Ab added: “The meeting with Ms. Kajsa Ollongren, the Alderman of Economic Affairs of the City of Amsterdam, Drummond Company Inc. and the Port of Amsterdam was frank and to the point, and addressed the concerns of the city council about how to make the coal chain more responsible, socially and environmentally friendly.”

The Drummond Company Inc. delegation included: Mike Tracy – CEO Drummond Company Inc., José Miguel Linares – President Drummond Ltd. Colombia, Richard Mullen – President and Chief Operating Officer Drummond Company Inc., Carolina Riaño – Senior Vice President of Risk Management and Corporate Social Responsibility Drummond Company Inc., Pablo Urrutia – Vice President Communications Drummond Ltd. Colombia, Blake Andrews – Vice President, General Counsel and Assistant Secretary, Paulo Gonzalez – Director Corporate Social Responsibility Drummond Company Inc..

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