Drummond invites unions to begin negotiations

Drummond Ltd. would like to report that it has invited the five unions that currently exist in its workforce — Sintradrummond, Sintradem, Sintramienergetica, Agretritrenes and Sintramineros – to begin the negotiations that should lead us to sign the collective labor agreement with each one of them. The company has issued this invitation fully committed to reaching an agreement that benefits all of the workers who are represented by these labor unions, the Company and the country.

It is important to clarify that Sintramineros, Sintradrummond and Agretritrenes already presented their bills of petitions in recent days. However, in accordance with Decree 089 of 2014, whose aim is to achieve a unity of negotiations and get the labor agreements and arbitration decisions to coincide in their timeliness, the company also invited Sintramienergetica and Sintradem to negotiate, despite the fact that the first one hasn´t presented its bill of petition. Also, we have a collective claim with the latter which has not been resolved by the arbitration tribunal yet.  Drummond Ltd. is a Company that fully respects the right of association, and currently 60.92% of our employees are unionized, without having a majority union at this time.

Given the above, we expect to be speaking about the terms of the negotiations with these labor organizations on the week of April 11 in the city of Santa Marta.